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About Us

Mangrove has its office at MotionLab Berlin

Converter Shop is a leading supplier of voltage converters (power transformers) and plug adapters equipment for travel, home use, media production, the office & workshops. We specialize in supplying the UK and Europe with 230 volt to 110 volt USA conversion tools. Converter Shop offers high quality transformers and travel plug adapter equipment at unbeatable value with fast and reliable delivery and service to our customers. Customers in the UK and throughout Europe with AC 110 volt devices require a Step Down Transformer to convert the 220-250 AC volt range down to the AC 110 volts. We sell AC-AC voltage transformers and travel converters in different sizes and maximum amperage and watt ratings. If you are bringing 110-volt appliances to Europe you will need to convert the power supply from 220-240 volts down to 110 volts for your equipment to function properly.

Whether you are moving to Europe from an overseas country with different voltage, or if you are importing specialty equipment from the US, Canada, Mexico, or bring in another 110-volt country; you will need to consider what type of transformer you need to fit the job. Not all products need a transformer (some devices are dual voltage and need only a plug adapter) – talk to one of our support specialists today and find the right solution for you. All of our Converter and Transformer products are warehoused inside the UK and Germany and France offering the advantage of ultra – fast shipping inside the UK and to most locations in Europe.

About Bronson++

Mangrove is producing transformers and other electric appliances under the brand name Bronson++. Our goal with Bronson++ products is to combine intuitive user friendly design with safe and high quality components. Through an efficient global supply chain, we are able to bring top level devices to our customers at an affordable price.