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Isolation Transformers


Isolation Transformers




Isolation transformers have a galvanic isolation, which can helpt to prevent electric shocks. That's why they're often used for repairing or deveoping electrical appliances. Converter Shop has two isolation transformer models to choose from: the Bronson TT and the Bronson MII.

  • Bronson MII isolation transformer bird's eye view Bronson MII isolation transformer backside from above with screw terminal power cord input and eu socket output

    Bronson MII - Isolation Transformer 220v

    The Bronson MII Series The Bronson MII is a toroidal transformer with galvanic isolation for operating and repairing 230V devices on both 230 and 110 volts electricity grids Technical Specifications Input Voltage 110 Volts or 220...

    Prices from 389.00€
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  • Bronson VC variac transformer bird's eye view with input and output screw terminal display and control dial Bronson VC variac transformer backside with EU socket output

    Bronson VC - Variable Transformer

    The Bronson VC Series The Bronson VC is a variable transformer that converts 230 volts AC to 0-300 volts AC. The turn-switch allows for continuous adjustment of the output voltage. Input Voltage 110 Volts or 220 Volts Output Voltage 220...

    Prices from 129.00€
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