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Step Up/Down Transformers

Step Up / Down Transformers

These kind of converters can work in both directions, and change the voltage from 230 volts to 110 volts and from 110 volts to 230 volts. Therefore, they are very versatile and are suitable for clients who travel frequently. However, all of our step up / step down models are also interesting to customers who only need to change the voltage in one direction, due to their quality performance and favourable price. Here you will find an overview of the devices at Converter Shop that work from 230V to 110V and from 110V to 230V.

  • Bronson TI converter front side from above with EU output socket UK output socket and NEMA output socket Bronson TI converter back side from above with circuit breakers and input socket with cable

    Bronson TI - Voltage Converter 220v / 110v

    The Bronson TI Series This voltage converter allows the use of American, Japanese and other 110 Volt devices in Europe with 220 to 230 Volt power supply. Conversely, with the unit, European electrical devices can be used on 100 to 120 Volt power grid...

    Prices from 73.90€
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  • Bronson TT isolation transformer view from above at an angle Bronson TT isolation transformer back side with detail view of screw terminal

    Bronson TT - Isolation Transformer 220v

    The Bronson TT Series The Bronson TT is a toroidal transformer with galvanic isolation for operating and repairing 230V devices on both 230 and 110 volts electricity grids. Technical Specifications Input Voltage 110 Volts or 220...

    Prices from 159.00€
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  • Bronson VC variac transformer bird's eye view with input and output screw terminal display and control dial Bronson VC variac transformer backside with EU socket output

    Bronson VC - Variable Transformer

    The Bronson VC Series The Bronson VC is a variable transformer that converts 230 volts AC to 0-300 volts AC. The turn-switch allows for continuous adjustment of the output voltage. Input Voltage 110 Volts or 220 Volts Output Voltage 220...

    Prices from 129.00€
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  • Bronson VT converter from front with power switch US and EU socket Bronson VT converter back side with input voltage selector

    Bronson VT - Voltage Converter 220v / 110v

    The Bronson VT Series This Step Up / Step Down Transformer can be used to convert European/UK 220-240 Volt to North American 110 - 120 Volt and vice-versa. For the optimal use of the device, we recommend you to purchase a Transformer with a maximum...

    Prices from 22.90€
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